Vasily Gorshkov


Vasily GHOST Gorshkov

Slot is a Russian alternative rock band from Moscow, founded on February 2, 2002. Current lineup of the band: Dariya Stavrovich (vocals), Igor Lobanov (vocals), Sergei Bogolyubsky (guitar, arrangements), Nikita Muravyov (bass guitar), Vasily Gorshkov (drums).

Since its inception, the band has released 7 studio albums, 2 remix albums, 2 mini albums, a concert DVD, recorded 20 singles and several soundtracks. Slots are known for their lengthy tours around Russia and near abroad, which sometimes last more than a year, as well as cover-concerts, consisting of hits of foreign and domestic music. The group takes an active part in various festivals such as Invasion, Kubana, Neighborhood, Dobrest and the Island.

The group was founded by Igor Lobanov along with Sergei Bogolyubsky and Denis (Dan) Khromykh. The band's first album, Slot 1, was released in 2003. Female vocals on the album belonged to Teka "Teka" Dolnikova. In general, the album received uneven reviews, but critics noted that the group has a clear potential.

In 2015, there was a mini album Boy !. In the same year, Kirill Kachanov left the group, whose place is occupied by Vasily Gorshkov. In February 2016, Septima released the seventh studio album.