Pavel Bravichev


Bravicea Pavel - Russian musician, drummer of the cult punk-rock band "F.P.G".

Born on January 3, 1984 in Gorky. Father - an electrician, his mother - a translator of English. In 1995, aged 11 years, looking at the senior companions of the local group "Hippy End", he begins to study singing and playing the guitar under the guidance of a teacher Anton Baryshnikov. Place of training and rehearsals for the wardrobe becomes a cubby in the native school №91. The main musical passion teenager: American "Nirvana" rock band. Even then, the young musician interested in percussion and drummer Alexei Stolyarov ( "Hippy End") Paul teaches the simple bits and breaks.

In 1997, Paul gives a concert in the auditorium of the school, together with the "Hippy End", speaking as a singer's own "Nevermind" group. Execution of the main composition of the evening "Hemorrhoids" entails a ban head teacher at a rehearsal in the closet, thus dooming children to a real "garage" life.

1998 was marked by two major events in the life of a musician. Paul assembles a new team, "Scum" and met with the leader of the group «F.P.G» Anton "Pooh" Pavlov. Pooh quotes work guys and "Scum" is already playing in the warm-up "F.P.G". It is noteworthy that last drummer composition "scum" stands brother Paul Victor Bravicea.

Executable material changes with interest. For example, to replace the "Nirvana" come "Sex Pistols" and "The Exploited", the whole grunge thing of the punk rock, guitar, Paul refuses, but does not cease to sing. Passion reel runs permanently.

In 1999, Paul is going to deal with the teacher playing the drums Varyukhin Alexander Ivanovich, who gives a correct statement of the ward's hands. Regular classes quickly bored young musician, and in 2000, Paul stops them.

In 2002, Paul arrives in Nizhny Novgorod Music College. Balakirev in the department of wind and percussion. The desired object of study becomes a vibraphone. But learning to play this instrument is possible only in the 4th year college. Then Paul takes on the xylophone, learns several works, including the "Toreador" from the opera "Carmen" by Georges Bizet, and, failing to deliver the first session, leaving the institution on the grounds of conflict with the teacher.

August 2003 became a turning point for nineteen Bravicheva. Group «F.P.G» leaves drummer Alex "Crumb" Lozhkyn, and the leader of the group Anton Pooh forced to urgently find a replacement. Over time, it turned out that the bits written crumbs, Nizhny Novgorod sensibly play so no one could. Then Paul offers his candidacy, without having the proper experience. Year of enhanced training with breaks for small concerts is doing its work. Paul "The Godfather" Bravicea ranks drummer «F.P.G», and record "Gavnorok", recorded in 2004, already with his participation, it becomes the starting point of a fat musician activities within the group.

The Exploited (UK) - In February 2005, November 2006, April 2009 «F.P.G» play four concerts (in Nizhny Novgorod and Moscow) with the idols of his youth.

A separate niche in the history of the Russian punk rock and the band «F.P.G» occupies an exclusive and thriving to this day program «Punk-Jazz», founded in 2005 on the usual action movies, but presented in a different, jazzy sound. In 2008, the team released «Punk-Jazz» album audio version of the concert at the club "The Shadow."

In 2010, the band recorded the fourth studio album, which was named "Element". In autumn 2012 appears single "Wherever you are." 2015 marked the release of fifth studio album "Through Hate".

Since 2011, the team leads an active concert schedule, touring all over Russia from Kaliningrad to Vladivostok, is involved in various scale festivals. In August 2015 FPG group first appears in Europe at the Riga festival "Choi alive." In July of 2016 he goes on stage, headlining the main Russian rock festival "Invasion".

Parallel «F.P.G» Paul manages to manifest itself more in Nizhny Novgorod a few commands:

"Hippy End" (Pop-rock). In 2007, at the request of staff leaving the drummer Alexei Stolyarov Paul comes off the bench and remained in the group for 7 years. In 2014, he left the band after the EP release of "Death does not exist."

"Tryanda" (Gipsy-punk). year 2000. Paul met with the bass player grunge band "Smalt" Mako Limansky that, by coincidence, will come in 2008 at the place of bassist «F.P.G» Vladimir "Gerasim" Hurenko, finishing his career in the group due to a hand injury. Mako plays in the «F.P.G» about six months, and in its place comes Eugene "Rudder" Uralёv. Later, on April 20, 2014, Paul and Mako again intersect in the composition of the new project furious gypsy "Tryanda", organized by the Limansky. In 2016 the band released the EP "Kurava Bang", as well as makes a video for the track "Persiche Minja". The project successfully developed and yavl today