Dmitry Krupin


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Dmitry Yurievich Krupin "Gray". He was born on October 14, 1971.

Drummer of the famous rock band "7000 $".

The musical experience is 30 years.

He is married and has two children.

A living story.

Children's music club Iskra. The first acquaintance with power tools and a vivid desire to plunge into the nascent rock underground. The end of the eighties is near. Dmitry Krupin is young, energetic and open to the world. The first concerts, the first fans, the first rock parties.

1987-1989. Group "TMP". 
The first serious musical rock project - the group "TMP" - Heavy metal propaganda. Starter tool Gray is not a drum set. Dmitry begins as a guitar player, and a little later takes in his confident hands the bass guitar. The collective is rapidly gaining momentum and becomes famous in Nizhny Novgorod. Gray-haired grows like a musician and fountains with ideas. He is only seventeen, and his team is already participating in one of the first POWERFUL rock festivals in the Nizhny Novgorod region. This is a very important event in the fate of an aspiring rock musician - after all, at this festival, Dmitry suddenly changes his role. He has to replace the drummer. Almost without experience, Krupin copes with the task and even finds praise among listeners and other musicians. As a drummer has not yet positioned himself and continues to play bass. However, fate changes plans - "TMP" disintegrates. The reason is the military arrests of the participants. Only Sedoma can escape the appeal. Remaining free Dmitry with his friends creates a new metal band - "Detonator." Here, due to the lack of alternative candidates, Sedoy takes on a new role - the role of a drummer. Perhaps, this is the beginning of the shock-drum career of Dmitry Krupin.

1990-1995. Rock group "Detonator".

The guys cut a stern thrash, quickly capturing Nizhny Novgorod fans of a heavy style. The team, under the strict guidance of Alexei Smirnov, a well-known musician in the USSR, records the song Dance Cry on one of the best music studios of NNSP at that time. The track goes on the collection "Trash your mother!" In Moscow and is very popular with young metalworkers.

And everything would be fine, but again the crisis, the group for a few years is lost from sight.

1995 - 2000 year. Half life.

Gray-haired, so as not to lose the skill plays the guitar in the band Jolli Cannibals. In parallel, he tries a drummer in the group "Elysium", but realizes that punk rock is not his. Temporarily takes the second place to music and just works for money.

year 2000. New Detonator

Revival of the detonator group. Musicians already prefer more modern music and being fans of the "Panther" group they pour very high quality lead into the ears of Nizhny Novgorod. For rehearsals, a friend and music coach Alexei Smirnov provides them with space in the NNSP studio. There, the musicians record the album "In the Past."

But alas ... Unfortunately, lead stocks once run out and the group "Detonator" goes into the sunset.

2002 is our days.

Dmitry Krupin does not sit idly for long. He receives an offer from the group "Seven pieces of bucks." A young and ambitious team is charged with success. The guys urgently need a replacement drummer to perform at the large-scale festival Sprite. Dmitry teaches a few songs, the band goes on a full-on tour to the next round and wins at the gala concert in St. Petersburg. This is a real success! The new drummer adds a striking force and the guys gradually take off to the heights of the musical Olympus.

Perhaps, Bucks is the brightest page in Dmitry Krupin's career. Recorded a large number of albums, done a lot of work. To date, the "Seven Bucks" group is one of the leading Russian alternative teams, participating annually in major festivals such as "Invasion", "Dobrofest", "Kuban", etc. The group is full of new ideas, and, undoubtedly, a great contribution to the musical development of the band has been introduced and continues to be introduced by drummer Dmitry Krupin.

In parallel with the "Bucks" Dmitry creates a group of "Cheo-i". Nostalgia for bass is one of the reasons for the creation of the collective. As a bass player, Krupin realizes an old dream to stir up the project in the style of the favorite team of "Panther". The formula for success is simple - worthy musicians, like-minded people, powerful material, crazy desire - and now his own brainchild Dmitri Krupin is already finding legions of his fans.

Currently, Dmitry has his own studio, built with his own hands, where the albums of the Bucks and Che are written. In addition, Sedoy teaches the skills of young drummers and brings up two children.

In January 2017, Dmitry Krupin signed a contract and became an endorser of the EDCymbals brand.